Monday, December 31, 2007

George in the Oval Office

George in the Desert

The Princess gets Bass Lessons

George and The Princess at Magic Kingdom

George feeds the animals

Giovanni’s Pizza

Years of success

George “The Animal” Steele with Marc Breault

SniperDoc Sushi

Garry St. Jean

Scott Hall

George Hanging Around

Dusty Rhodes

George rides the carousel and Mission Space

The Princess shorts out the hotel’s electrical system.

The Princess Gargoyle

George at the Basketball Hall of Fame

George has a Steak Dinner

George & Chet Dragon

George Sr. in St. Augustine Florida

The Princess gets a Disney Cleaning Lesson

George at Disney

New Year’s Resolution

Stanley Kozera & Frank Knight

The Princess

Mega-Star Protection

George at Test Track

Stanley Papuga & Joe Baptiste

Richie Kendra

Alderman John Flynn

Bob Costas and Larry King with the CSC-TV Group in New York City

Dick Melikian


Freddy Choquette

Stanley Papuga

Steve Ciechomski Sounds Unlimited

Chad Matthews

George Dorunda Sr.

John Minkalis

Bubba Whoopass Wilson

John Minkalis