Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: "Animal" - The Book by George The Animal Steele

OK, I’d better do my book report on Jim’s book before he turns back into the "Animal" and mistakes my head for a turnbuckle. I found his book to be an interesting, highly entertaining, and easy read, with an abundance of anecdotes from the life of Jim Myers, which at times were told by George Steele – what a combination. I highly recommend this for anyone, but especially any young people who may be dealing with what they perceive to be insurmountable challenges in life. Jim has certainly had his share of trials and tribulations in dealing with and overcoming many of life’s obstacles. Note: You’ll have to ignore the plentiful typos, and spelling and grammar errors, but I guess that should to be expected considering Jim’s dyslexia, which is one of his earliest challenges referenced in the book; and one that he learned to manage and work with throughout his life. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the various sagas, discovering that Jim is a champion in life, both inside and outside of the wrestling ring. Get your copy today! Visit to order your copy now.



George Dorunda


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